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antique, Rembrandt's 17th Century "Night Watch " Collectible Cigarette/Matches Cover



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Rembrandt's "Night Watch" portrait in high definition on metal cigarette/matches cover dated back to 1900-1910. Silver plated, I believe. Does not pass the magnet test for silver. Incredible detail to all sides of the cover. Beautifully detailed and you can almost see where Rembrandt inserted himself into the scene rather surreptitiously. The story behind the artwork is fascinating. It depicts the guards who worked to keep the area safe from invaders. I believe it was Rembrandt's largest painting and he went unpaid for all his efforts. Didn't I say it was fascinating? I spent a good deal of time researching where this originated only to hear my daughter say "Oh yeah, I learned about that in 9th grade. That's Rembrandt's Night Watch." Who says public school doesn't do the job! This case is meant to wrap around a box of cigarettes or matches. Early 1900's.MeasuresL 4.5"W 2.5"D 1.25"See pictures for details. Message with any questions prior to purchase, please., cigarette box cover

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